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There are only two things required to make the future where decentralization has been realized come one step closer. You only need to focus on a revolutionary idea related to blockchain and a team to realize that idea, and everything else can be taken care of by Chainers.


Business Consulting

Whitepaper advisory

The beginning of a blockchain project is writing a whitepaper, which is similar to a business plan. The professional team at Chainers, who have various experiences in financial and traditional industry fields, support you from the creation of a business model based on organic growth to creating a whitepaper with a long-term view for the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

Token economy planning

The basics of a public chain is to create a reason for participants to participate in the market, and to design a fair reward system for these participants to continue to participate in economic activities. In addition, one must ensure that this economy continue functioning. Chainers supports the establishment of token economies through professional planning.

Project growth strategy

Having a substantial whitepaper and establishing an airtight token economy is not enough to achieve sustainable growth in the business of the project. Ultimately what leads the project is the issue of how to commercialize, and Chainers also contributes to the establishment of business strategy for actual business growth with market competitiveness.

Financial Consulting

Financial planning & ICO advisory

Chainers’ professional FA team establishes the financial plan essential to the growth of the project, and also provides overall advice related to the ICO of the project. Through detailed analysis on the project we design a capital raising roadmap to allow the project to grow successfully.


We execute fundraising plans in accordance with the capital raising plan that each project requires. Chainers supports investment attraction through various channels, and provides comprehensive support related to professional IR for successful capital raising.

Exchange listing

Based on strategic partnerships with both domestic and international exchanges, we provide comprehensive services for listing outstanding projects. We always prepare professional marketing materials for pre-and-post listing plans. In particular, we aim to deliver the best terms by representing you in various negotiations regarding listings with various exchanges.

Business Development


In order for investors and communities in the target market to easily understand and accept a project, basic ‘localization’ efforts including creation of appropriate home page and whitepaper creation in the local language, publication of analysis reports on the project, identifying the project’s sales points, creation of a FAQ from the perspective of locals etc. are required.

Overseas office set up

For blockchain projects that are targeting the world, Chainers provides exceptional services with our global blockchain network to set up local branches and headhunting services to find blockchain experts. In other words, it is imperative to set up foreign branches and teams that will work as one in strategic locations around the world.

Business partnership

Business development denotes all actions that searches for new opportunities, and exchanges value with a 3rd party using the opportunity. Based on its cross-border based business development experience and global blockchain network, Chainers will aid in all business development required to expand the business of the project.


Strategic promotion planning

In order to enter into a new market, an effective promotion and marketing strategy must first be established. Chainers provides localization for promotion and marketing, performance driven strategy, and strategies and execution of the optimal promotion and marketing masterplan for the client.

Media relations

Based on our vast media partnership network, we provide detailed media promotion and marketing services including cooperation with KOL, which is at the center of public opinion, and specialized broadcast channels etc. In particular, to provide trustworthy and specialized promotion, we have secured a blockchain TV program in a tradition broadcast channel.

Community buildup and meetups

Blockchain projects can be seen to be closer to a new type of philosophy rather than a trend or technology. Chainers shares that philosophy for global blockchain projects, it establishes trust with individual investors, and establishes and manages a solid community which can be developed and is appropriate to the usage patterns of locals.